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Our mission is to help companies design, build and integrate solutions to automate their business processes. Do you want to know more about Sagacify ?

Our projects

We have three main activities :

We specialize in identifying, co-creating, and building AI solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We also accelerate our AI research projects’ market implementation. We help companies develop their own AI capabilities, and strengthen their teams through our consultants.

We develop various solutions :

Whether it's image-based dental pre-diagnosis, waste recognition and tracking for a waste sorting centre, or automated quality control for production lines. We operate in a wide range of sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and financial services. A diversity of projects and technological solutions to be developed that challenge us on a daily basis.

Our tech stack

Why Sagacify?

Here are at least 6 good reasons to join Sagacify!

Projects tackling various technical and business challenges

A team of passionate and tech-addicts

At home or in our superb offices, a flexible and pleasant working environment

The opportunity to job craft your position: yes, you read that right! Let's build your job together

Do It Your Way" management, where autonomy and flexibility are the order of the day

Cutting-edge technology - because we love it

Our values

Prepare Tomorrow, Automate Today

Sagacify's mission? To free companies from tasks with no added value so that they can concentrate on more important projects through automation.

Our teams are committed to the following values:

  • The pursuit of excellence in our technical skills, enabling us to carry out ambitious projects.
  • Transparency, from team management to the application of AI models, not forgetting the sharing of knowledge with our customers.
  • Innovation for efficiency.

More about us...

5 Programming languages

3 Data query languages

100% Board game lovers

24/5 Working coffee machine

Team news!

Sagacify's latest King 😉 👑

Welcome to Sagacify kingdom, we may have celebrated La Galette des Rois late, but trust us, it was worth the wait!

Our reigning monarch, King Nikita de Broux, decided that royal duties shouldn't keep him from enjoying a slice of the sweet life, even if it meant donning his crown at the work desk. 🖥️

Because if you can't be a little majestic while working, then where can you? 👑

Ever wondered how we redefine 'kick-off meetings'? 🚀

Introducing Bubble Football Sagacify Edition! ⚽ Check how we kicked out business strategies and bounced into a chaotic game. Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of bouncing and a little less grace than you'd expect. 😅

Another successful Lunch & Learn at Sagacify added to the list, where we blend innovation with a dash of team bonding.

Nikita de Brouxopened our minds to the advanced potential of language model agents, in making our workflows not just smarter but also more adaptable. It's fascinating to see how these agents can seamlessly become part of our team, enhancing efficiency and problem-solving in ways we hadn't imagined.

Cyril Pletinckx then took us through the nuances of RAG platforms, focusing on their power to transform data handling and query responses. The live demo of immoAssist was a highlight, offering a glimpse into the practical applications of these technologies in enhancing our customers workflows.

What stands out in these sessions is the blend of professional growth and team spirit. We're not just keeping up with the future; we're actively shaping it, together.

Looking forward to more of these insightful gatherings where learning meets fun. 🚀

Welcome to the TWO new members of our expanding team! ✨

Jérôme Marchalis starting his AI-adventure at Sagacify, bringing with him a wealth of project management experience. Together, we're poised to explore the depths of AI and create a significant impact. 💼

Let's also extend a warm welcome to Valentin Delaunoy, infusing Sagacify with his tech-savvy background and entrepreneurial zest. 🔥 We eagerly anticipate elevating Sagacify and embarking on this thrilling adventure together. 🚀

🚀 Ready to ignite your career in tech?

Sagacify is hitting the road to several job fairs this February and March! Come and dive into opportunities in AI in the quickly innovating Tech sector with us.

Let's connect at:

- February 28: KU Leuven - Job Fair
- February 29: UCLouvain - Université catholique de Louvain - Journée de l’industrie
- March 4: March 4th: Université libre de Bruxelles – Job Fair Engineers
- March 5: For the first time we will also attend the University of Liège - Forum Entreprises Job Fair!

Meet our team, grab some goodies, and let's explore the future together! See you there! 🔥

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